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Classic Ranch Dip

The king of dips (if you’re American), our ranch has it all. Creamy buttermilk, herby notes and zesty lemon. Perfectly paired with our sweet and smoky Barbecue PROPERCHIPS. Like a night in watchin...

Smoky Romesco Dip

Smoky paprika harmonising with sweet peppers and roasted almonds, this Spanish dip pairs perfectly with our sprightly Sour Cream & Chive PROPERCHIPS. Si por favour!

Pea, Basil & Mint Pesto

A PROPER twist on the classic Italian Pesto. Ditch the pasta and combine peas, mint, basil and lemon to turn your student dinner into a PROPER dip. Paired perfectly with our Sea Salt PROPERCHIPS.

Tahini & Soy Dip

Give your spicy Sriracha PROPERCHIPS a dose of umami heaven. Mixing the depth of sesame and soy with the zip and zing of lime and ginger. Proper moreish.

PROPER Snack Date

Everyday at 3pm we often find ourselves having a snack. A mid-afternoon pick-me-up to help us see

Calling all Entrepreneurs

Find out how you could secure mentoring and desk space at PROPER HQ during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

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