Everyday at 3pm we often find ourselves having a snack. A mid-afternoon pick-me-up to help us see out the day. At PROPER we believe that every snack break should be Done Properly. A snack break that not only fills you with tasty deliciousness, but that also fills your mind with feel-good thoughts. Times are more uncertain than ever before, and a lot of us are having to face it physically isolated from friends, family and even partners. Despite our distance we need to be there for one another. We need to find ways to be, or at least feel, together.
Introooooooducing PROPER SNACK DATES.

At 3pm everyday we ask you to take a 10min break from your work. Put the kettle on, grab a snack and call someone. Call your little brother and ask him how he is. Call your old boss and see how she’s getting on. Call your first ever school friend and reminisce on the good times. It only takes 10 minutes to show you care. So turn your next Snack Break into a Snack DATE. And help bring this world back together. Where will your next Snack Date take you?
Download one of our corny backgrounds to dial up the mood and transport you.
T&Cs apply: backgrounds are only cornpatible with the latest Zoom.

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