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Propercorn X Tom Abbiss Smith

British image maker, Tom Abbiss Smith, explores shape and form to produce abstract work and illustrations. Taking

Propercorn X Kim Sielbeck

U.S. illustrator, painter and surface designer, Kim Sielbeck, was heavily influenced by her years living in Hawaii

Propercorn X Bijou Karman

LA-based illustrator and artist, Bijou Karman combines fashion and design in her work. Featuring detailed rendering and

Propercorn X Elena Boils

This Mexican illustrator’s passion for nature and surreal creation, made her the ideal match for PROPERCORN’s Fairtrade

Chocolate Popcorn is Here!

Our team of popcorn perfectionists spent years creating the ultimate flavour for chocolate fanatics. It’s been a long journey, but we’re so excited to reveal the newest member of the PROPERCORN col...

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