Mix up your mid-week munch with this quintessential, Wimbledon recipe. Serving up a sweet sandwich of English strawberries, whipped coconut cream, chickpea meringue crumble and a drizzle of English sparkling wine and strawberry sauce. We’ve thrown in a tennis ball of our Sweet Coconut & Vanilla popcorn. All to be washed down with a cool glass of Deuce.


For the cream:

1 tin of coconut milk

1 tbsp icing sugar

1 vanilla pod

For the meringue:

6 tbsp Aquafaba (chickpea water)

¼ tsp cream of tartar 100g caster sugar

½ tsp vanilla extract Pinch of sorrel powder (optional)

For the strawberry sauce:

500g strawberries (fresh or frozen)

80g caster sugar

Small glass of sparkling wine (optional)

Squeeze of lemon

For construction:

1 x vegan brioche loaf (non-vegan optional)

Step 1:Cream

Place a can of coconut milk in the fridge for a couple of hours. Once chilled spoon out the solids into a bowl (save the liquid for smoothies or curries). Pass the solids through a sieve a few times to create a smoother texture.

Mix in a tablespoon of icing sugar and the seeds of a vanilla pod. Once combined chill again until use.

Step 2: Meringue

Place your aquafaba and cream of tartar in your mixer. At a slow speed, mix until foamy then increase the speed until it becomes white, glossy and starts forming peaks. Slowly add your sugar a tablespoon at a time making sure it is well mixed. Add in your vanilla to mix.

In a piping bag, pipe biscuit sized blobs onto baking parchment making sure there is space in between each blob. Bake in a low oven, around 120c -130c for 45 mins, then turn off the oven and leave them for another hour. Do not open the oven door during this whole period. Dust with sorrel powder to finish.

Step 3: Sauce

In a saucepan over a medium heat, combine your strawberries, sugar and wine and cook down, stirring occasionally until you have a jam like consistency. Take off the heat and add a squeeze of lemon. Allow to cool.

Step 4: Construction

Wash and quarter your strawberries. Sprinkle a few crushed chunks of meringue on a slice of brioche, then add a layer of the cream and push the strawberries into the mixture until almost covered. Add a bit more meringue and add a layer of strawberry sauce to the other slice of brioche. Carefully place together and slice on an angle.

Advantage lunchtime!
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