We’ve got the perfect midweek remedy for all those missing the Glasto boat this year. Banish your blues with a PROPER Festival Meal Deal. A hemp-crusted tofu and CBD oil infused chutney sandwich. A campsite of sour cream PROPERCHIPS. All washed down with a bottle of rain water.


Tofu 150g smoked tofu

1 tbsp cornflour

Dairy free milk

2 tbsp crushed hemp seeds

2 tbsp panko breadcrumbs


1/2 an onion 2 apples (preferably brambly)

2 tbsp cider vinegar

1 tbsp brown sugar

3 drops of CBD oil (optional)

1 bottle of cider


200g broad beans (podded weight)

3 tbsp aquafaba (chickpea water)

1/2 tsp dijon mustard

1/4 garlic clove – minced 1 tbsp cider vinegar


Handful of kale (stalks removed)

Squeeze of lemon


Turnip Slaw

4/5 Turkish pickled turnips (Called Torshi Lift in Turkish, you can get these at most European / Turkish grocers or the world food aisle at the supermarket)


1 pack of Sour Cream & Chive PROPERCHIPS


Step 1: Hemp-crusted Tofu

Slice your tofu into 1cm strips. In a bowl add the cornflour and slowly add the non dairy milk, stirring until you have the consistency of beaten eggs. In a bowl mix the hemp seeds, panko breadcrumbs and a pinch of salt. Coat your tofu in flour, shaking excess off then dunk into your milk/flour mix, shaking excess off. Now roll in the hemp seed mix until well coated. Repeat.

Heat a large frying pan with enough oil to cover the bottom by a few millimetres.When hot, shallow fry the tofu strips turning occasionally until you get an even golden brown colour on all sides. Remove onto kitchen towel to cool.

Step 2: CBD Infused Chutney

Heat a glug of oil in a pan over a medium heat and add the onion cooking until softened. Peel and core the apples, dice into small chunks and add to the onions stirring regularly until softened. Add enough cider to just cover the onions and apples. Add a splash of cider vinegar and the brown sugar. Reduce heat and simmer until thick. Remove and cool, stirring in three drops of CBD oil from a pipette if using.

Step 4: Aioli

Bring a large pan of water to the boil. Add your broad beans and cook until tender. Drain and cool then remove from shells.. Blitz in a food processor with the aquafaba, dijon mustard and a pinch of salt. Slowly add oil until it starts to emulsify. Add the minced garlic, a splash of cider vinegar and a pinch of salt.

Step 5: Kale

Massage leaves of kale with lemon juice and olive oil.

Step 6: Pickled Turnip Slaw

Grab your pickled turnips and slice lengthways. Add to a mixing bowls with a squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of olive oil.

Step 7: Construction

Spread a good layer of the aioli on a slice of bread (we used a wholemeal). Then add the kale topped with the tofu. Next add the slaw, sprinkle on a few alfalfa sprouts and finally add a generous amount of the chutney. Add the next slice of bread and cut in half. Serve with a bag of Sour Cream & Chive PROPERCHIPS and enjoy!
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