Propercorn for Kids


We only use natural ingredients to season our popcorn. Nothing but familiar favourites that you’d find in your cupboard at home.


Our recipes begin in the PROPERCORN kitchen and are unique to us. We only use natural seasonings, which gives every pack delicious depth of flavour, from the first hit to the last kernel.


Active kids that are always on the go! Our handy snack packs provide a great source of slow release energy, making them perfect for lunch boxes and after school.


Each of our multipacks contain two collectible Cornivore cards. Kids (or grown ups!) can trade and play with friends and even create their own Poptopia monster.

Years ago, the PROPERCORN team discovered a remote island called Poptopia. It contains a huge volcano, Mount Pop, which fires out thousands of pieces of popcorn every day. In the shadow of Mount Pop live hundreds of creatures – the Cornivores. Big, small, weird and wonderful, they have one thing in common – they hunt for popcorn. In fact, the Cornivores can’t live without it, each using their own unique Pop Power to collect as much as they can.

They’ve become our friends. We can’t wait for you to meet them too!