We tried our first ever bag of Crunch Corn over a few beers in the PROPERCORN kitchen- it was a timely first taste that left us thirsty for more. This little bit of snack serendipity, spurred on our hunt for tastemakers in the world of drink and people who might share our passion for craft. It was a short-lived search that led us straight to the wonderful team at Honest Brew.

Over at Honest Brew, their experts select small-batch brews that are overflowing with flavour; these carefully crafted beers need a snack that can go toe-to-toe in taste. From pilsners to IPAs, sour brews to red ales, the bold and exciting flavours of Crunch Corn make for a perfectly balanced pairing.

Sweet Smoky Chilli – Magic Rock: Rapture

Magic Rock’s Rapture Red Ale will act as the perfect beer saviour to many a snack, however pairing the brew with a spicy treat is a match made made in heaven. Pronounced orange and citrus flavours counteract the warming chilli heat and robust smoked salt of the Crunch Corn. A malty base built upon rich toffee and caramel tones adds a luxurious sweetness ensuring a dynamic taste profile boasting several levels of flavour.

Rock Salt – The Five Points Brewing Co: Pils

Five Points Pils has all the refreshing crispness you’d expect from a great lager – perfect for cutting through the delicious Himalayan

Salt in Rock Salt Crunch Corn. Add the floral and spicy aromas of the beer’s malt to the mix and you’ve got yourself a sensory experience that definitely transcends the norm.

Salt & Pepper – Moor: PMA

Crunch Corn tossed with a mix of sea salt and cracked black pepper, a classic flavour and the perfect accompaniment to Moor’s ultra refreshing Modern Pale Ale. The Bristol-based brewery specialise in contemporary vegan-friendly brews that draw influence from traditional styles. Expect big bursts of citrus to slice through that peppery warmth, leaving your taste buds tingling and craving more.

Salt & Vinegar – Beavertown: Gamma Ray

Salt & Vinegar Crunch Corn pairs wonderfully with this hoppy Beavertown Gamma Ray. Hints of crisp tropical fruit mirror the sharpness of the bittersweet cider vinegar, while the addition of US hops give a heavy floral aroma full of hibiscus, passion flowers and grapefruit notes. A pleasantly sweet and malty backbone will ensure the brew holds its own against bold flavours of the corn.

Done Properly has always been our commitment to creating great-tasting snacks with flavour, care and passion and Honest Brew feel the same way about beer. It’s a shared attention to detail and belief in the importance of craftsmanship that, like crunch and craft, make us the perfect pair.


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