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PROPER Business

PROPER believes in doing business the right way. For our team, the planet and the people within it. We’ve grown a lot over the last eight years and know now, more than ever, just how important it is that we lead by example and continue to move forward in the right way.

The world is already pretty brilliant, but there’s lots to make better.

At PROPER, we choose to be proactive, optimistic and think differently. And hopefully make the planet a happier, healthier place for us all to live. The challenge is big and the journey never stops, but here are some of the steps we’re taking to become a truly PROPER business:


PROPER’s story is rooted in its people. It is seriously talented team members, past and present, who have made us who we are today. For this reason, we want to make PROPER the best possible place to work – a place where brilliant people are empowered and inspired. It’s about more than the yoga, talks and life drawing classes (although this isn’t to be sniffed at!). Everyone who joins PROPER owns a part of the business. We have an incredible chef, Ed, who cooks us breakfast and lunch every day – because we’ve always believed that the best conversations happen over food. And unlimited holiday to give us all the headspace we need. Fancy being part of the next chapter? We really want to hear from you.


As well as looking after the people within our four walls, we want to leave a positive footprint on the communities around us. Over the years, this has taken various forms including Christmas lunches for our local community and mentorship initiatives like Pop In. This year, we’re massively excited to announce our new partnership with BEAM, a seriously brilliant charity and new way to help the homeless. The first platform of its kind, BEAM works by crowdfunding employment training for homeless people, then supports them into work. The PROPER team will be working away to make a difference to this incredible cause but we’d love your help to make an even bigger impact.

The world

We’re committed to making great-tasting, healthier snacks. But making them truly PROPER means making a bigger promise to the world. For us, this starts by understanding how our actions impact the environment and how we can minimise our footprint on the world’s resources. One of the most important ways we can do this is by building a supply chain centred around environmental sustainability. We carefully select and source the ingredients we use in our products and our Sweet popcorn is Fairtrade. We never use ingredients which have explicit environmental implications, like Palm Oil. And we hold our suppliers to this same set of PROPER business standards, evaluating their environmental impact and treatment of staff.

We’re a certified B-Corp

We were incredibly proud to become a certified member of the B Corp community in 2018. B Corps are a new kind of business, acting in a sustainable and transparent way. To be awarded B Corp status you have to meet high standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability, verified by the good people at B Lab. Read more about it here.

Future challenges

Some hurdles are harder to overcome than others. And, as an independent business, there’s one that we’re wrestling with in particular: creating recyclable packaging that keeps our snacks tasting great.

What makes it so difficult? This is one of the biggest challenges being faced by our team, and the whole industry in fact. Currently the UK isn’t set up to recycle film or handle compostable packaging in the way other countries are. So it’s up to producers like us to find a material which can be. Developing a recyclable film isn’t difficult. But developing a recyclable film which still has the qualities needed to keep snacks fresh and delicious, really is. We are currently working with a supplier to try and do just that. It’s not going to happen overnight (we wish it would) but rest assured, we want to be part of the long term solution and are doing everything in our power to get there as quickly as possible. If you’ve got any ideas or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.