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POP IN: Desk space, head space and mentoring for five budding entrepreneurs.

Starting your own business might sound full of glamour and adventure but the reality, for most, is so far from that.

I found the early days of starting PROPERCORN massively lonely. Before Ryan joined, I’d spend hours working from my mum’s kitchen table on my own. Going from team player to self-starter can feel seriously deflating and I’d have given anything to have had a buzzy office environment where I could reboot and get inspired.

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is taking place from 13th-19th November this year, celebrating incredible entrepreneurial talent, innovators and job creators around the world. We started PROPERCORN 6 years ago and are now on a mission to offer a little bit of inspiration and motivation to the next generation of self-starters. This is where POP IN comes in…

We’ll be opening the doors of our canal-side offices to five budding entrepreneurs during GEW, offering a week of desk space, mentoring and all-you-can-eat popcorn. A few days headspace could be all you need to kick start that brilliant idea of yours.

For one week, you’ll be one of the team. Enjoy breakfast and lunch from Ed, our in-house chef,  grab coffees with myself and Ryan and workshop ideas with the rest of our brilliant team.

If you’re trying to get your idea off the ground, you’ll be pretty busy, so we don’t want to make this process too laborious. To be in with a chance of joining us at HQ, just answer these quick questions so we can find out a little more about yourself. Alternatively, you can send a very short and scrappy video to [email protected] introducing yourself, your big idea and the reason you’d benefit from a week of desk space. We’ll then select the five entrepreneurs we think we can offer the most help and support to during GEW.

Good luck and hopefully meet you very soon.

Cassandra x

Entries close Wednesday 8th November